What our customers have to say about us

We receive many letters and emails from our customers/friends who have purchased a vehicle from us about how the vans have changed their lives. We would like to share some of their comments with you.

FREEDOM TO GO   After researching numerous conversion companies, Triple S Mobility really stood out in terms of build quality and value. We purchased our white 2014 Chrysler Town & Country Touring remotely from Pennsylvania and it was delivered almost immediately after our financing through Mobility Funding Group was completed. The van, which had 31,000 miles on it before the conversion, looks practically brand new, has new tires, brakes, is fully serviced and drives great. We couldn't be happier and I'd highly recommend Triple S Mobility to anyone.

Malcolm W. Devon, PA

I have been meaning to write to you to let you know who much we have enjoyed the van and appreciate your delivery to Kentucky. On an extremely sad note, the main reason that I have wanted to write you is to inform you that my father passed away. And, I am even more appreciative of being able to get the van when we did…a small regret that I was not able to convince my mother to get it sooner, but we did have some very enjoyable times being able to get Dad out and about. At this time last year, I was able to take him to the local Christmas driving light show, Southern Light, at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Sherry W. KY

Shawn, Lee, Mandy and I are all doing well, even in these 90+ degree days! The modified van is working out great! Lee and Mandy have gotten very good at getting themselves out of their wheelchairs and into the seats, by themselves, using the bar across the ceiling of the van. It has really saved my back! It also helps on rainy days - the kids just get into their chairs and I can roll them right out the back and into the garage - no more wet, drippy transfers out of the car. It's truly nice not having to lift wheelchairs into the car/van anymore. Mandy loves some of the perks of the "new" van - like the DVD player so she can watch movies on long rides. The hard drive for all their preferred music has been great as well - no more CDs to scratch while switching in and out. I am loving the power seats for both the driver and front passenger. Even the heated seats have been great on long rides when my lower back is giving me a hard time - never thought I'd use heated seats in Florida!

Robin D. Ft. Pierce

I don’t know what we would have done without the van. Dad tells us how great it is every time we go anywhere in it. Kate and I thank you so much.

Roy H. FL

Let me tell you, having the modified van is a Godsend. We would be miserable w/o it. I certainly made a wise choice when I bought that. At 1st, Frank wasn’t real thrilled w/it but he loves it now. Good to hear from you. Take care.

Linda & Frank Fl.

My son loves riding in the new van, a lot more opportunities to get out in the community.

Sandy Fl.

I love my van modification. It is such a blessing to be able to wheel on in and go anywhere.

Shirley B. FL

Thank you for all your help in finding exactly the right van for Joe and me. I am having fun driving it around with and without Joe! The van looks great, is easy to drive, very comfortable and meets all our needs. Shirley and Joe M. FL We love the van and have used it for several trips. We have had a lot of compliments on it. I take it to the Stroke Support meetings, and people have really shown an interest in it. We also used your bill of sale when we had our taxes done. Thanks again for all your help. Regards

Sue and Jim C. FL

All is going well… beside going out for dinner several times, he has been going to the Polo matches with our AFLA club and this past week we went to the Armed Forces Military Museum in Largo. His sister, 86 years old, has been here for a week from Peoria, IL and we have gotten him to go with her on her walk to the mall. We’ll miss her when she leaves. Dad moved home with us this past Monday. He is 89 years old. It has been a hectic few weeks with doctor visits, moving items, etc. I’m sending photos of Dad that were taken yesterday. He likes the van and has gone from not wanting to go anywhere while in the ALF to “what’s happening today?” Keep up the good work making people happy.

Jo and Harmon H. FL

Thank you again!!! It is so wonderful to see Michael out and about. He was able to attend a meeting of the American Cancer Society last week and was asked to be the online chairman for our county. What a blessing the van is to our family.

Carol S. FL

My Mom (Lee H) is grateful that she now has a much easier way to get in and out of a vehicle....I'm glad we found your company! Sincerely, Karen P Fl. All is well Shawn. Thanks again for your terrific customer support and, we'll look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Thanks Again & GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avianna R. Fl.

EASE of USE We have had one of your vans for over 5 years; first a side entry, then a rear entry. We like both versions; however, we have found that the rear entry is more versatile because it allows parking anywhere. The side entry needs a specific van space to allow the ramp enough space to unload. The loading and unloading is also so much easier for Chuck with the rear entry van. We could not leave our home if we did not have our van. Chuck's movement is via a lift only. Our van has enabled us to visit our family in Maryland, get us to several ports to embark on cruises, and allows us (especially Chuck) to continue to enjoy a "regular life" with trips to movies, shopping and visiting friends. We are so grateful to you and your wonderful family for spending time with us going over all the if's, and's and but's about what type of equipment works for us, helping us work out financing, and most of all, thank you and Margie for giving your time and financial assistance to help spread the word about ALS. Thanks for helping Chuck and I get back our freedom and for your friendship.

Sandy and Chuck, Pinellas Park, FL.

We absolutely love the new van conversion. It is so simple and quick to get Sarah in and out.

Mike H. FL

We feel very happy and blessed with the van. It has made getting out so much easier without having to worry about my husband’s schedule. Thank you so very much for making our lives less complicated and more enjoyable!

Fran J. FL

It has been great, much nicer and easier for me to handle them in rather then the side entry van.

Britt W. FL

Bob and I are truly enjoying a comfortable ride in our van. Mike is ecstatic – I’ve been able to go places with Mike by myself that the 2 of us haven’t been able to do for 20 years. It’s nice to see Bob not exhausted after spending the day with Mike. We are so blessed to have found this through your company. We will definitely spread the word.

Bob and Beth Fl.

The van is great & David loves it. I am so thankful we got to finally get one that didn't beat him up so much.

Susan and David Fl.

Hi. Our van is doing fine, well suited for our needs, and Rose has easily learned to maneuver in and out on the ramp. We both enjoy the safety of the van and are happy with our decision in it's purchase. Thank you. Have a great day,

Mike and Rose Fl.

We just went to Myrtle Beach to spend a week with family and friends as well as our three children and granddaughters! The van was wonderful and it made our trip much more of a pleasure! I will be eternally grateful to you all for providing us with the van, which is major blessing to our family! I hope and pray that you all are well and will enjoy the summer! We keep you all in our prayers. Thank you and God bless you,

Fran Fl.

Hi Shawn, The van is doing good and has been very useful. It is much easier for my mother to handle and drive than our old van was. Best regards, Barry B. Costa Rica Just Wanted to let you know how happy we are with our wheelchair van. It is so easy for me to get into it. Several people have asked me about the van and some watch me enter with no problem. Thank you Triple S Mobility. Sincerely,

Leonada H. FL

Thank you for the note and yes all is well and the van is great. I absolutely made the right decision by going with your company and your conversion approach.

Mark I. VI

As Frank told you, the Dodge Grand Caravan has been an excellent van in every way. There are features this Van has that the Sienna didn't. Most importantly, it has given Frank a sense of freedom and independence he was lacking due to being stuck in a wheelchair and dependent on medical transportation services.

Mary & Frank N Tarpon Springs, Fl.

Doing great! Enjoying the heck out of the van! Made life so much easier! Thanks for asking. Kathy and Mel Florida We all had a Blessed Holiday and the van is GREAT. Sure enjoy having it to transport Justin in. Thanks and GOD Bless!!

Martha C. Fl.

We really have enjoyed the van and it has added years to my and Cheryl's lives. Thanks for staying in touch. You are the Man. Best Regards

Greg P. KY

Shawn, my van is fantastic............thanks,

Art H. Fl.

Hi Shawn! All is great here! Love the van and everyone is well! Thank you,

Matt J. Fl

Shawn, Thank you for all your help. My Mom and Dad went, in their new van, to sit by the Indian River together without a medical transport van today. The moment was “priceless”. You took a lot of extra time to talk to Daria and myself and we appreciate it very much. Your sincere interest and understanding is what brought us back to your organization. I was hoping you could meet my mother while she was over this weekend but you are definitely busy with good purpose. We told her how special you are. Any time you need a reference or just to check in please contact us. Sincerely –

Mike & Daria L Fl.

Thanks so much Shawn. Please know that I enjoyed doing business with everyone @ Triple S Mobility. Frank and I absolutely loved the van (even though he hated my driving!). If anyone in our neck of the wood tells me they are looking for a modified vehicle, know that I most certainly will let them know about Triple S and if you ever need a reference for customers in Central Florida, please feel free to give them my name and number. God Bless,

Liz S. Fl.

Hi Shawn! I'm doing great! My van is FANTASTIC! I absolutely love it! It's so easy to operate and it saves so much of my energy. I often see vans with those lifts on the outside that hold a chair but then it's open to all the elements not to mention someone stealing it! I'm definitely satisfied with my choice, and you all did a fantastic job.

Laura B. Fl.

Thank You! Drove great! Felt great 2b above n see traffic instead of on pavement:). I am truely so grateful. Now my girls can go places n safely. Safe tires n windshield wipers that work. Electrical system that works sure is nice n finally working ac! And windows tat really go up and down :) nice radiq. We've not checked the tv/vcr but I believe it will be fine n the girls will so enjoy. I know this is just another van 2ya'll but 2us it's over 4yrs of prayer request to have safety again. Ty 4being a part of that. Ty2all of U! Pam jenn n Dear Shawn, Thank you so much for the wonderful van and for the excellent customer service. The van will make our family’s life much richer. I will definitely spread the word to anyone in my situation, who can benefit with a vehicle like mine, and will put them on the right track to you. I wish you much success and god’s blessing. Sincerely. Gordon,

Pam and Scott G. Florida

Hi Shawn, We are fine. The van has been a blessing. The wife's mother is in a nursing facility now but we take her out to dinner every week and also any Dr. appointments she may have. Thanks for touching base with us. Hope alls well with you and your family.

John and Denise Fl

Hi Shawn, This is his daughter. He is loving the van. Before the modification he rarely left his 'community'. Now he goes to the grocery and Wal-mart regularly with his helper. The first time he used it back in November, he woke up that day feeling a little weak. If he'd not had the van where he didn't have to transfer off his wheelchair, we wouldn't have gone. With the new van conversion, he drove right into the van and rode the whole way over there on his wheelchair. That's an event he looks forward to each year. Thanks for asking. Sincerely, Kristie L. KY. We are doing great. Still love the van. I've been scolding my friends who have been getting side lifts on their vans. They are missing out. I always think of you when the weather gets cold here. Glad to hear you are doing well.

Lois Fl.

Shawn, Hi. Our van is doing fine, and well suited for our needs. We both enjoy the safety of the van and happy with our decision in it's purchase. Thank you. Have a great day, Mike It is so good to hear from you. I am loving the van and I have already had my parents out several times for a drive to enjoy the wonderful Spring that we are having. It is soooo easy to get my father in and out of the van; it has made a world of difference in being able to transport him. The first time that we had to go to the doctor after we had received the van, the caregiver was amazed at how fast we were able to get there and return back to their cottage. Previously, a lot of our time was waiting on the medical transport to come and get us. My father's condition progressively declines but I am so glad that I am able to at least get him out and about as much as possible.

Margaret L. KY.

I am in love with that van. It's been to Jax twice. Good mileage with nice smooth ride.

Vickie H. Tampa, Fl.

We are doing great. Still love the van. I've been scolding my friends who have been getting side lifts on their vans. They are missing out. I always think of you when the weather gets cold here. Glad to hear you are doing well.

Lois P MN

My wife, Vivian, and I purchased a wonderful disability access Van from Shawn. It gave us great joy because of the freedom it imparted before Vivian passed on Christmas 2012. Even today I am filled with thanks because Shawn found us the perfect vehicle to share life's adventures in... the Van is comfortable, convenient and like new.

Walter Paul West Seattle, Washington !!!

We are really satisfied with the whole purchase process. I have been passing out the brochures and recommending your company. The van has given my mother-in-law a new lease on life. We took her camping last week-end, the first time she has been in over fifteen years. Kind Regards

Ron, Lake Butler, Fl.

Please if any potential customer in the future needs a reference or wants to contact someone first hand, don't hesitate to use me!

Mark I. VA

Hi Shawn Thank you for being there when we needed you, and now again for picking up our van and selling it. You took away my stress. Fondly

Bob and Flo. Fl.

They loved it. They are one of our VIP regulars. I get to see it about 2-3 times a week. I have to say that was a top-notch conversion. You and your team nailed it!

James, Lakeland, Fl.

In 2011 I purchased a 2008 Dodge Caravan Triple S conversion with power ramp and driver transfer seat. It served me well. On a routine visit to the Triple S Home lot I saw a 2012 Chrysler Town And County conversion that was a step up. The trade was smooth and great. Now I'm looking forward to more trouble-free years. This 83 year old Veteran thanks Triple S

Don G. Saint Petersburg, Fl.

Hi Shawn, I have been dreaming about Florida as our winter lasted into May this year. We are just now starting to see the first buds of spring. I actually talked Tim into letting me vacation in FL in June, so I will be able to enjoy a bit of summer early. Our van is working great. It continues to pleasantly surprise me. We have been talking of starting foster care and the pull down bench in the back allows us to seat up to 2 more kids. That is our limit on kids because that is the van limit. We are in the process of getting my son, Abner, a larger wheel chair and I was happy to say that our van would accommodate an adult size chair without modifying anything. We have been having a bear of a time modifying our house. We continue to look for a house that would meet our needs without too much work, but after years of looking, can’t find anything. Everything here has stairs. I know in FL there are a lot more one level homes. Wish we could move there. However stressed I am with our house, I am equally grateful that our van is one thing we do not have to worry about. Thanks for putting quality into the work you do. It is very much appreciated.

Lois P. MN

I have spent most of the last six months in hospitals and rehabs. The van made it possible for me to use my scooters to maintain mobility through these difficult weeks of treatments and therapies. Thank you for your continued interest.

J Gordon P. AL

James is a modified van driver. Patricia M- 100% Satisfied "From the moment I called, I was made to feel like you were really concerned about me and my situation. Your willingness to accommodate me was amazing. " The van is doing great. The wife enjoys having the much needed transportation. She now has an electric operated wheelchair. She has learned to load up really good. It has saved us a lot on transportation cost. It has been a real life saver.

William & Faye M. Fl

I took my first road trip in the van with Chase to my mother's house this past weekend and I wanted to let you know it was awesome. The van is perfect for Chase as it is so easy to get him in and out, he rides safe and secure, and he has plenty of room for his bags. Thank you very much for doing a superb job on the conversion and working seamlessly with DSSW in Texas. Sincerely,

Jenny T. Texas

Thanks for checking in. Family is doing well, thanks. The van is working great. The rear entry is perfect and very handy because I can park at any spot. I always recommend your dealership when I can. If you ever need me to leave a personal review/recommendation on a site just let me know. Hope your family is well. Reegrds,

Luiz Fl.

Getting by very well. I took a trip to the American Legion Fall Conference in Orlando the first week of November, and the Van did good. The Van makes it possible for me to go to places I wasn't going because of the difficulty of getting around.

Dick H. Naples, Fl.

Thank you it looks great and works great.

Jim and Ida S. Wellington, Fl.

We are very pleased with the purchase. I am still waiting on the tag but I am sure it will arrive. We are really satisfied with the whole purchase process. I have been passing out the brochures and recommending your company. The van has given my mother-in-law a new lease on life. We took her camping last week-end, the first time she has been in over fifteen years. Kind regards,

Ron Lake Butler, Fl.

Runs great stopped in Panama City, but wanted to thank you all again very much!! May you be blessed for all your good works !!

Dawn B LA

(We received this email 10/31/15) I was mentioning you all to someone a few days ago. I purchased a van from you aprox 2006-2007. The gentleman that handled the transaction, I never met, however he was a blessing and I will never forget the help he gave me. My husband had liver/bone cancer and I was making trips from Collins, MS to UAB (Birmingham, AL frequently. He died in October 2008. God bless you all. Hello, all! As I'm sure you are aware, the vehicle has been delivered to my parents home. I just want to thank all of you for your caring, efficient service. It was a pleasure dealing with each of you. May God bless each of you, and may you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a safe, healthy and happy New Year!

Judy Fl

Thank you for contacting us. Things are going well and we are enjoying the van. It has been doing well for us. All of our children were home most of the week after Christmas, in fact, the last ones are planning to leave tomorrow morning. We have five children. Four of them are married and among them we have sixteen grandchildren. What a blessing and joy! Have a good 2016.

Dewey Miller Myerstown, PA

Just a note to thank you. We have the van!!!! Bob delivered it. We went out all together last night to see Christmas lights!! So much fun. Prayers answered.

Edie in Florida

Shawn, It's been a while since you've heard from me I know. I just had to follow up with you and say THANK YOU for being such a wonderful person to work with. And for being so honest. Making a major purchase of something 'site unseen' is a little scary but you made the process as painless as possible and because of your integrity you proved we put our trust in the right person. In this day and age that is rare, I just had to tell you what a wonderful person you are. I cannot tell you how happy everyone is with the van we purchased from you and how great a vehicle it is. And the ramp for getting my nephew in and out of the vehicle is great, even my 76 year old mother has no issue with using it because of it's light weight design and the easy which is folds and unfolds. There is a peace of mind in knowing they are now safe on the road and there will be no issue in getting my nephew in and out of the vehicle. You were a pleasure to work with and your help and patience with us as we went through the experience was so appreciated. We will definitely recommend you and your company to anyone who needs a special handicap vehicle. Thank you again and may God bless you,

Sara Ohio

The Van is great. Runs smooth, easy to handle and very convenient. We have received a lot of compliments on how nice it is. Thank you for working with us to get the van. My husband desperately needed it. We will diffently recommend you to others.

Sherina L North Carolina